Wine has been – and still is – one of the most popular drinks of mankind. It has been attributed positive health effects and plays an important role in age-old legends and even the Bible or Talmud! Undoubtedly, its deep-rooted tradition and history are part of what makes wine a luxury, a prestige, and something to be enjoyed. Add rich cultural heritage, fantastic landscapes and savory cuisines to the palette and you have the perfect reason to book a wine tour at least once in your life. We recommend compareandfly.com to help you to book a cheap flights forever in the lists below..

We help you find the best wine regions. Here are top 5 picks of wine destinations you shouldn’t miss:

1. Alentejo, Portugal

The “Tuscany of Portugal” is the bread basket of Portugal and known for its lovely, hilly landscapes and great beaches. Since the Romans had brought advanced farming and winemaking techniques to Alentejo, it has been one of the best wine regions in Europe.

2. Napa Valley, California

Who hasn’t dreams of going to San Francisco to discover the city and some more of California? Well, you just got one more reason to put this dream into action, because Napa Valley is absolutely worth a discovery!

3. Bordeaux, France

“Jamais homme noble ne hait le bon vin” – “Never does a noble man hate good wine” goes an old, famous saying by François Rabelais. Wine culture is woven deep into the fabric of French culture and society.

4. Aconcagua Valley, Chile

Chile is known for beautiful landscapes and great wine. The two come together in Aconcagua Valley, just 60 miles north of Santiago de Chile. In fact, this region has earned international prestige for having one of the country’s best wines!

5. Rioja, Spain

How about combining savoury tapas, great landscapes, beautiful cities and many interesting fiestas with a tour through ancient vineyards? Rioja has something to offer for everyone and will delight all of your senses.