Adventure and excitement not alone come when merely jumping from the peak or riding on a roller coaster. The adrenalin pumps really when you seek some challenging sports on earth. Rather than trying different things on your holiday, try things differently to fetch enough adventure.

Sky Biking in Andean
Quito is such an awe-inspiring place to start your refreshing experience. Take a sky bike and drive them right on the air in the forest of Andean. The haven is so quiet with absolutely moist and brown soil, greenish trees and white clouds.

Sky Biking in AndeanSubmerge to Spot the Fishes
Hiring a Curasub from the Curacao’s substation will be the next adrenalin pumping activity to try. The submerge takes you deep into the sea about 1000 feet from the sea level where you can see different species of fishes, sharks and even colorful coral reefs.

Submarine to Spot the FishesMexico’s Se(e)a Museum
Tour the ‘under the sea’ museum literally known to be the Museo Subacuatico de Arte which takes a suitable place under the Caribbean coast of Mexico.

Mexico's Se(e)a MuseumThe figurines are made out of pH-neutral concrete which neither dissolves nor does harm the corals.

Quantum of the Seas – Cruising Fun
It’s Royal Caribbean International’s another massive center of attraction on the sea surface – the Quantum of the Seas comes with innovative amenities such as a spinning sphere that comes around 180 degrees where humans can stand or sit to enjoy the view.

Quantum of the Seas - Cruising FunThe giant cruise also said to have game stations, music halls, basket ball courts and many more.

‘Fly like a bird’ – Zip-line in Puerto Rico
Try the La Bestia to fly like a featured plane or like that of an eagle. This is remarkably known to be one of the lengthiest zip-lines in the world.

La-Bestia-Puerto-RicoToroVerde Adventure Park provides this zip-run for about two minutes continuously, and this is said to be one of the busiest hangouts of Puerto Rico.

Walking on the Edge, Canada
Walking on the edge of a compound wall is something weird to try even when it’s just just ten to fifteen feet high above the land surface, but think walking on the same when you are about 1168 feet from the ground level. Yeah! This will sound absolutely creepy but you will not only feel top of the world but in deed feel out of world when trying with extremely safe measures.

EdgeWalk CN Tower CanadaCanada’s CN Tower is offering this adventure activity “EdgeWalk” for all those that wants to try.

Wonderful land for Butterflies, Arizona
Butterflies singing near your hears and waving on air like colorful bits of paper is going to make your heart as well as soul so happy. The Butterfly Wonderland in Arizona is such a place where you can see thousands of them dancing in the air.

The Conservatory Butterfly Wonderland ArizonaThis is not only a place to watch butterflies but also a conservatory and research center.

Trying these seven breathtaking escapades will give you sweet memories that you could ever forget in your lifetime. Explore the world of adventure by attempting these awe-inspiring stuffs!