Do you find yourself spending long flight hours stuck to your seat? Even while travelling in the most luxurious flight on a super-comfy seat can turn out tiresome and uncomfortable. By performing some simple exercises, you can improve on comfort, stiff muscles, relieve anxiety and improve circulation.
Put together are simple moves that you can perform whilst seated, to keep you calm and energized.

Make every possible step count. If you get up to go to the lavatory, try extending your walking time by heading to the washroom that’s farthest away from your seat. If travelling on a long haul flight, talk walks up and down the aisle at least once an hour.

walkFull-Body Stretch
Its a simple stretch that everybody performs naturally and instinctively. Stand up right reach up and lock both arms high above your head and try to touch the ceiling. If you like to avoid the audience, best move to the back of the plane. This can also be performed while seated.

Safe & Easy Airplane ExercisesNeck Roll
Relax your neck muscles, drop your head to the right as much as it naturally can. In a rotatory movement gently move your head around to the front and then to the left side. Hold the side, front, and other side positions for a few extra seconds to maximize the stretch.

Safe & Easy Airplane ExercisesShoulder Shrug
Raise your shoulders up, then roll them forward, downward, backward and back up again. Perform all this in one fluid and gentle circular motion. It works well on stiff shoulders.

Safe & Easy Airplane ExercisesThe cuddle
Seated straight with relaxed shoulders reach across and hold your left shoulder with your right hand and your right elbow with you left hand. Maintain this position for 15 seconds then do the other arm. Repeat thrice.

Safe & Easy Airplane ExercisesAb tucks
Strengthen your back and tighten your stomach while breathing for extra back support. Exhale and pull your belly button in toward your spine, hold for couple of seconds, release while inhaling and repeat.

Safe & Easy Airplane Exercises

Seated Twist
While seated place your right leg on your left knee. Twist across with your shoulders, as to reach your right knee with your left hand. Hold for 15 seconds and alternate between left and right legs, twist as far as you naturally can. Repeat thrice.

Seated Twist

The knee up
Reach forward clasp both hands around your right knee and lift it to your chest. Hold for 15 seconds and follow up with your left knee. Repeat thrice.

Safe & Easy Airplane Exercises

Seated calf raises & Toe lifts
Sit with a straight back, hands on your thighs and feet flat on the floor. Raise your heels off the ground, hold a few seconds and return to original position. Follow with toe lifts by raising your toes as high as possible with heel fixed on the floor. Repeat 5 times.

Safe & Easy Airplane ExercisesThe revolver
Lift both your feet a few inches off the floor, with your ankle as the hinge point, rotate both feet in circles – five times clockwise and five times anti-clockwise.

Safe & Easy Airplane Exercises