As summer travel season approaches, Americans coming up with vacations – significantly those coming up with on flying – have lots of choices ahead. With the increasing “a la carte”-ization of air, flyers area unit Janus-faced with associate degree ever increasing range of selections on what levels of comfort and convenience they need and area unit willing to pay money for. Findings from a replacement Harris Poll show that among Americans UN agency pass industrial airline once or additional per annum, several area unit craving for personal area to stretch out in-flight, with fifty eight willing to pay money for further legroom on a extended flight (3+ hours) and over 0.5 (53%) willing to dish out to avoid the terrible middle seat on such a flight.


You Can’t continually Get What you wish

Many flyers seem to be unhappy with this quantity of private area on airplanes, with the same majority (58%) willing to pay further for additional legroom on an extended flight and half fliers (50%) indicating that it might be value having a chatty seatmate to be in an exceedingly seat with extra legroom. once asked to pick their high 2 amenities on a flight, the foremost desired alternative was a window or aisle seat (53%), followed by further legroom (35%).

* ladies (59%) area unit additional probably than men (48%) to settle on a window or aisle seat as among the foremost vital amenities.
* Men (28%) area unit doubly as probably as ladies (14%) to pick in-flight Wi-Fi as a high sweetness

Would You Rather

While further personal area is that the high want among flyers, several clearly feel that it isn’t value a spilled drink or smashed laptop computer, with nearly 0.5 (46%) of flyers spoken language they’d otherwise be sitting in an exceedingly no recline zone than in an exceedingly seat with further legroom.Carry-on baggage fees could also be another space wherever some flyers area unit willing to compromise on comfort, with a shocking thirty ninth spoken language they’re rather let a alien sleep on their shoulder than got to pay money for carry-on baggage.

“Travelers are addressing increasing airline costs and add-on fees for the past few years,”“We wished to seek out out that amenities folks were willing to open up their wallets for, and discovered that whereas several contemplate adventitious comfort and recreation to be value allotting for, nearly 2 in 5 would quit personal boundaries to avoid carry-on baggage fees.”