On April 9, SAS launched its new app which may be accustomed book visits to all or any its destinations directly on a wise phone or pill device. SAS customers will currently simply book, check in, opt for a seat on board and receive their mobile pass on their phone or device.


The SAS app has already been downloaded nearly a hundred,000 times and is graded because the no one free app in Sverige, Danmark and Scandinavian nation. this is often only 1 of the ways in which within which SAS is continuous to make innovative solutions that make traveling easier for its customers.

“We are extremely happy regarding the regeneration we have a tendency to received on the app. it’s currently been downloaded nearly a hundred,000 times and has been given prime marks by our customers, therefore we have a tendency to are terribly happy.”

The app permits users to book and obtain flights in 3 straightforward steps, with payment accepted in currencies like Euros, Danish, Norwegian and Swedish Kronor. additionally, customers will easily:

* sign on and choose a seat (available from several places)
* Receive a mobile pass (available from several places)
* read the standing of flights set-aside
* Pay fully or partly victimization EuroBonus points
* Access their EuroBonus account
* modification flights
* notice recent social media information and travel ideas
* scan info regarding traveler rights

“We can still have a powerful target the event of digital services, notably mobile, as a part of our efforts to modify travel for our customers.”

The app is offered to all or any EuroBonus members, that is presently over 3 million individuals. It conjointly offers non-members the chance to use for EuroBonus membership.