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Low-cost airline easyJet has celebrated its tenth day at port International airport with its inaugural flight to Jersey.


Since it began operational from airport in 2003, over 13 million passengers have cosmopolitan through the airport with the airline.

Newcastle International airport believes the success of easyJet has created air additional accessible to individuals within the region and inspired alternative airlines to line up routes to and from the town.

“The market’s quite young for cheap travel, it wasn’t that back then once we couldn’t afford to travel on our summer holidays everywhere Europe.

“I assume easyJet and alternative airlines have extremely spread out those opportunities to individuals within the North East.

“easyJet have established there’s a market which has helped attract alternative airlines to the region.”

“We’re happy with what we’ve done to create travel simple and reasonable within the North East.

“We’ve been growing plenty within the last year, Newcastle’s completely within the middle of that as we glance at new opportunities.”