Thai Airways plans to control the world’s largest traveler plane, the
airliner A380 superjumbo, to London’s Heathrow flying field following
delivery of its fifth and sixth craft later this year.


The A380s can substitute for one in all 2 services provided by Boeing747-400s which will come to the London route this month once a year’s gap for improvement, he said. The 747’s loading flexibility makes retention of 1 service fascinating, with the gargantuan often carrying outsize things like Porsche and Ferrari sports cars that the airliner would struggle to handle.


Thai can re-introduce the Boeing jets to London from March thirty
one, returning capability on the route to virtually 750 seats on a
daily basis from 534 throughout a year of operations by airliner
A340-600s. 2 planes ar needed to supply one frequency owing to the
gap concerned. A 747-A380 combination may seat 881 individuals.

The Bangkok-based carrier also will operate a daily A380 service to 
Paris mistreatment its third and fourth A380s from the top of this
month. The service is being cut from ten frequencies every week owing
to the larger range of seats out there on the coach superjumbo.