This Valentine’s Day heat up your relationship by gifting the love of your life with the most romantic food gifts!

For centuries, food has been considered as aphrodisiacs in all cultures across the world. Food experts opine that the intoxicating aroma of certain foods has the power to stimulate both your body and mind!

Though we are not sure if it is some foods actually have natural chemicals which enhance certain moods, sharing sensuous food with the person you love is definitely romantic and special!
So, this Valentine’s Day, let us help you pick something delicious in place of the usual champagne and roses for your loved one!

Dark Chocolates
Did you know that chocolates were considered the ‘nourishment of the Gods’ by Aztecs! Yes, chocolates have always been everyone’s favourite. Chocolates are said to contain a chemical called phenylethylamine which is very similar to amphetamine (a chemical released by the brain when people fall in love). For this Valentine’s Day, just make sure it’s a box of dark chocolates instead of the usual milk chocolates, as they come with health benefits!

Another super food gift for your love would be strawberries. Here’s an interesting fact – While strawberries are called the fruit of love for obvious reasons (the heart shape of the fruit), in Roman times, the fruit was offered at the temple of Venus, the goddess of love. So, this V-Day, gift a box of ripe, luscious strawberries or show off your culinary skill by whipping a cream to go with the fruit or dip it in chocolate syrup and feed your partner! Apart from being the fruit of love, these berries pack a health punch as they are rich in Vitamin C and high in antioxidants.


Go nuts with almonds. They are considered the symbol of fertility and having almond-shaped eyes is supposed to be sexy! Also, the poets and writers of bygone eras swear by almonds and say that they supposedly arouse passion in women.

Did you know that avocados were once called the forbidden fruit!? Yes, these fruits were not just considered aphrodisiacs, but in some countries women were forbidden from eating them. And if you were caught eating, you automatically went into the ‘naughty list’. In fact, the Aztecs called it the ahuacuati (testicle tree)! Avocados are filled in essential nutrients such as beta carotene, potassium vitamin E and magnesium.

For times unknown, oysters have been considered to have aphrodisiac properties. Let’s not get into the technicalities of why they are considered the ‘love food’. What we can tell you for sure is that oysters are high on zinc and zinc is responsible for the controlling the progesterone levels. And this in fact boosts the libido! Ok, now’s the time to create that impressive dish and charm your partner!